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Career Opportunities at PCF Electric Inc.

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Field Job Listings

Fieldwork Positions Now Available

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San Diego, CA

The Superintendent oversees foremen and field employees, ensuring all job duties are fulfilled; providing training, mentoring, and development opportunities; and managing vehicle fleet, quality control, material procurement, labor cost, productivity, and other tasks that are essential for successful project completion.


San Diego, CA

The Foreman collaborates with the general contractor and/or client in order to manage the project and keep it on schedule; oversees project materials, production, and labor; and supports field employees to ensure work is completed on schedule, on budget, and up to relevant compliances, standards, and project specifications.

Apprentice Electrician (3rd or 4th year)

San Diego, CA

A third- or fourth-year Apprentice Electrician works under the direct supervision of a certified or licensed Electrician, gaining on-the-job experience in installation, repairs, and systems compliance for electrical systems within residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Office Job Listings

In-House Opportunities to Join Our Team

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Project Manager

San Diego, CA

The Project Manager coordinates all personnel and processes involved in the execution of construction projects to ensure objectives, budgets, and schedules are met efficiently and effectively. Project Managers also oversee purchasing, financial reporting, contract negotiation, and related tasks that are essential to ensure appropriate allocation of team resources.

Project Engineer

San Diego, CA

The Project Engineer works closely with the Project Manager to assist with managing, delegating, and coordinating all tasks involved in construction projects.


San Diego, CA

The Estimator helps calculate competitive and accurate costs of a construction project by evaluating all relevant and available documentation pertaining to project bid proposals.


PCF Team Member Benefits

Competitive Pay

Whether on the field or in the office, our employees are paid well and provided with ongoing opportunities for career growth and advanced training.

401K Matching

We aim to support our employees now and through the future with access to retirement plans and company matching programs. 

100% Medical Coverage

We expect the best of our employees, so we provide the best for them.  Our benefits package is designed to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Unparalleled Work Experience

We offer company transportation, advanced technology, and a close-knit environment that helps our team feel fully supported.

Consistent Long-Term Employment

When you work with PCF Electric Inc, you get to work with an area leader in a growing industry. Make a difference in your local community as part of a well-respected team.

"If I could describe PCF Electric in three words, it would be Persistent, Consistent, and Family. No matter what obstacles come our way, we do what it takes to get the job done. I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow over 10 years with PCF Electric and I consider them not just as coworkers but, as family."

Trevor Bash


14 years at PCF Electric Inc.

"I enjoy working at PCF Electric because we are a tight-knit group of well-qualified electricians who take pride in our work. . The company values career growth and has provided me with training and resources such as paid education to advance me in my career as a journeyman electrician."

Chris Becotte


12 years at PCF Electric Inc.

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